gallery of scape “A picture is a poem without words” Photography is a visual art. There are no rules for good photography, it’s your credence and that is enough to make people understand what you see and they don’t. After all it’s an art, it is not suppose to make sense, but to make you feel without words.  Photography is my retreat, for its awe-inspiring how a picture can whisper words,  and makes the mankind “visualize” that we have many more reasons to  live than to give-up. A picture is a source of inspiration, hope, faith and lesson – all things served into a bowl. A bowl which we called life. Because life will move on with a pace that even time cannot compete, but pictures, they are so intriguing that I wonder how fast the memories run back while we stare at a time-freeze moment right there in our hands. As the quote says “The earth is an art, the photographer is only a witness”. The photos might be ordinary in a place but interesting as well. May be a sunset view from the window or a glooming flower in the balcony , they sound typical when you read them but a photograph  makes it expressive , magical and inspires you to understand the scenic beauty around you . “Gallery Of Scape” exemplifies who I am, my stories, my thoughts and my life. Earning for a living is one thing but Living while doing something which makes you happy is completely next level. Like everyone else here, I’m just a person doing what I simply love, not because photography is creative and exciting but because of the way I see it. And I love my definition about the same.


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