Scenic Sunday







“A day that starts well ends well” , an inspiring quote lead me to a joyous experience on a Sunday summer morning along with enthusiastic friends and my Nikon camera to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai where freshness is doubled and dullness is filtered .

The visit turned into fun followed by sighting the young and old energetic souls cycling and jogging their way to the nature trail. The orphan roots and the leaves wrapped comfortably into themselves on the abandoned railway tracks successfully adding the much needed adventure to our day. Contrasting to the evacuated railway tracks, a splurge of autumn color flora were found parallel on either side of the road. It’s a National Park with regular but restricted transport facilities with bright red buses and mini trains , who doesn’t love a tree-den with such beautiful landscapes? There I came across these beautiful images of artistic nature, every picture having an essence of summer moods and colors.The braided wrinkled branches , entangled twigs and the fading away of leaves.The atmosphere like such where the winds are not only humid but also its a sign of heavenly canvas whispering that earth indeed is a beautiful canvas.


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